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If you care about your vehicle's condition, be aware of its requirements. To learn more about vehicle maintenance, in this post by Les Berkenpas in Byron Center, you'll read about common car odors and their meaning.  

Senses are the doorway to the world. Through them, we take in stimuli,...
The fall months are soon approaching, and it's time to maintain your vehicle to ensure it will resist the conditions of the season. Learn to provide fall maintenance for your vehicle with this post by Les Berkenpas in Byron Center.

You can see the leaves are starting to turn. You can sense the...
Engaging in road rage can lead to more mistakes behind the wheel and a higher likelihood of accidents. Learn to stay away from road rage with the tips in this post by Les Berkenpas in Byron Center has put together for you. 

At times, driving can be a very stressful activity, which is why it's...
Now that summer is here, you can start preparing to go on a few fishing trips. To learn how to get ready to have an awesome time out on the water, read this post that Les Berkenpas in Byron Center has prepared for you.

Fishing can be such a fun, relaxing way to break out of the routine and...
Make sure you're using your money wisely. Use synthetic oil to maintain your engine perfectly and save money on your vehicle's maintenance. Learn how synthetic oil saves you money with this post by Les Berkenpas in Byron Center.  

Needless to say, we all want to save money whenever we can. We...
If you want your heavy-duty vehicle to remain powerful and strong for years to come, you need to treat it well. For general tips on how to maintain your truck, read this post that Les Berkenpas in Byron Center has for you. 

Trucks are reliable and powerful vehicles that allow you to transport...
If you'll be mowing your lawn to maintain your garden pretty, safe, and functional, you need to learn how to ride your lawnmower safely. For tips on how to do just that, read this post that Les Berkenpas in Byron Center has for you.

With springtime soon approaching, it's time to start enjoying...
Riding a motorcycle can be fun, but it can also be a bit dangerous. Learn the motorcycle safety gear you should wear to ride around safely through this post that Les Berkenpas has put together for you.

There's no denying that riding a motorcycle can be fun, thrilling, and a lot of fun....
If you want to be ready for any accident, mishap, or emergency that may occur while you're in your vehicle, you should keep a few items in it. Learn what items to keep in your vehicle through this post by Les Berkenpas in Byron Center.

Life is a mystery. No matter how much you try to control...
Believing certain myths can be damaging, which is why you should search for accurate information. To debunk common synthetic oil myths so you can maintain your vehicle properly, read this post by Les Berkenpas in Byron Center.

Back in the day, myths played a crucial role in civilization. They...

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