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The cold winter days can have some dire consequences on your vehicle. For this reason, you must do the right winter car maintenance to protect it. Learn more about the subject with this post by Les Berkenpas in Byron Center.

When the temperature starts to drop, and the wind becomes chillier, you do a few things to keep yourself warm, safe, and healthy. For example, you take your chunky sweaters out, you turn on the fireplace, you drink hot beverages, and you turn the heater on to regulate your body's temperature. Still, you also need to do a few things to keep your vehicle safe and functional when it's cold outside. The lower temperatures can take a toll on it, and you have to protect it if you want to use it effectively. To get the best tips on winter car maintenance, continue reading the post below.

Providing the right maintenance for your vehicle will ensure it will withstand the cold properly. Call Les Berkenpas in Byron Center at (616) 723-1835, or visit AMSOIL's online shop to purchase the best products for it.

Winter Car Maintenance to Protect It From the Colder Weather

Take Good Care of the Tires

The roads during the winter months can be extra dangerous: the snow and ice on them can make them slippery and harder to navigate. This, coupled with the fact that the cold can deflate your tires, means that you need to pay extra attention to the tires to stay safe. Check them regularly (including the spare) and repair or replace the tires as you see fit.

Be Mindful of the Wipers and Lights

Visibility is of the utmost importance when you're driving. However, the darker and shorter days of the winter (plus, the snowfall of the season) means that your lights and wipers need to be in top working condition. Guarantee that they are in good shape so that they can help you be a safer driver on the winter roads.

Call Les Berkenpas in Byron Center at (616) 723-1835, or visit AMSOIL's online shop to find top-quality products that can save time and money on your vehicle's maintenance.

Get the AC System Inspected

The extremely low temperatures of the colder months of the year make a working heating system a necessity. Driving around in the cold is not only uncomfortable; if the temperatures get chilly enough, it can even be dangerous for your well-being. To make sure you won't freeze over, get the AC system in your vehicle professionally inspected.

Keep the Fluids in Top Shape

Do you know what happens to liquids when the temperatures are freezing cold? If you do, then it should come as no surprise that the chilly weather can also affect the fluids in your vehicle. To that end, you must keep the fluids (coolant, synthetic oil, etc.) in your vehicle in top shape so that it can work correctly.

Feed your engine with AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil, the most effective synthetic oil in Byron Center, to guarantee it will continue working perfectly through the winter months.

Verify the Battery's Condition

Aside from the fluids and tires, the cold weather can also hinder your battery's performance. As a matter of fact, the cold can make the battery deplete much faster than expected. So you won't have to go without it, verify that the battery is charged and in good condition regularly when the temperatures get too low.

Become a Gentler Driver

If you're a reckless driver, you should stop. The harder the vehicle has to work to keep up with your reckless driving, the more it will waste away.  Especially with the slippery roads of the winter months, being a gentler driver is a matter of safety and car maintenance.

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Keep Your Gas Tank Full

As stated above, the fluids in your vehicle can suffer from the chilly conditions. This means your fuel can also experience some consequences: your vehicle can consume it differently and more quickly. For this reason, you should keep your gas tank full if you don't want to be stranded on the side of the road.

Take Your Vehicle to a Professional

Finally, with the change of weather and conditions outside comes the need to visit a professional mechanic. They have the know-how to assess your vehicle's condition and provide the repairs it needs to work perfectly through the winter months.

If you want your vehicle to work perfectly all year round, you have to maintain it properly. Call Les Berkenpas in Byron Center at (616) 723-1835, or visit AMSOIL's online shop to find the best products for its maintenance.