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A clean vehicle is good for you, your safety, your wallet, the vehicle's performance, and the environment. As we go into a new season, learn tips to spring clean your car with this post by Les Berkenpas in Byron Center.  

Cleaning should be one of the main parts of your vehicle's maintenance routine. After all, letting your vehicle stay filthy for a long time can have a series of negative repercussions. As the gunk eats away at the vehicle's paint job, interiors, and components, your vehicle will become weaker, unsafe, and less reliable. This will also have consequences on your wallet (since you have to repair and replace the components), and on the environment (since the damaged parts will result in higher emissions). For all of these reasons, you need to keep your vehicle as clean as possible. Now that the new season is starting, it is the perfect time to take it a step further and provide a deep spring cleaning session. For tips on how to spring clean your car, continue reading the post below.

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How to Spring Clean Your Car

Work on Decluttering Your Vehicle Thoroughly

First and foremost, you should start taking out all of the junk that's in your vehicle. Many people use their vehicle as a junkyard. When they get take-out, they leave the wrappers in the glove compartment. When they buy something, they leave the receipts on the center console. They keep shoes, jackets, clothes, and all kinds of items in the trunk of the car. Basically, their whole car is cluttered and dirty. If this is your case, remember to take a basket and a bag to your vehicle every so often. In the basket, start collecting all of the items that you need to put back in your home. In the bag, throw all of the trash that has been rolling around in there for some time.

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Change All of the Vehicle's Fluids and Filters

It's not only important that you take care of the vehicle's insides in a superficial way; you also need to consider the cleanliness of its insides. For this reason, you may want to take this opportunity to change all of the fluids and filters. As you may know, your vehicle needs these to function correctly (like the oil filter, synthetic oil, coolant, air filter, and more). However, after time and use, they can become dirty which can affect the vehicle's inner components, performance, and lifespan.

If you're changing the vehicle's oil to keep your engine in top shape, employ AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil, the most effective synthetic oil in Byron Center.

Wash and Wax Your Vehicle

So far, you've gotten rid of the junk on your vehicle, and the filth in your vehicle; now comes the time to get rid of all of the dust on it, and make it pretty and look brand new once more. To that end, you should wash your vehicle inside and out, vacuum the interiors, wash the mats, wipe down the dashboard, wheel, and more, and wax the outside to make it shiny and protect it from the elements. Doing this on a regular basis will help you have a nice vehicle and even sell it at a higher value later on.

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Visit Your Professional Mechanic

Lastly, part of your spring cleaning routine should include a visit to a reliable professional mechanic. It's a good idea to go to one every time the seasons change. The conditions on the road turn from snowy and slippery to scorching hot. Needless to say, you should try your best to guarantee your vehicle will drive smoothly and safely regardless of the conditions. To that end, visit your mechanic so they can evaluate the vehicle's condition and fine-tune it as needed.

If you've decided to spring clean your car, make sure to take a look at its upkeep, too. Call Les Berkenpas in Byron Center at (616) 723-1835, or visit AMSOIL's online shop to place an order on the most effective products to ensure your vehicle stays in mint shape for years to come.