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Motorcycle safety is no joke. However, to ensure you're taking the necessary steps to ride safely, you should debunk known motorcycle myths. To that end, read this post by Les Berkenpas in Byron Center

Safety measures are there to prevent mishaps that could put you and others in peril. For example, if you're a motorcycle rider, a safety measure like keeping a greater distance between your bike and other drivers can help you avoid hitting another car and getting injured. While you should be careful when riding your motorcycle, you need to be critical about what you believe regarding motorcycle safety. There are myths and misinformation out there that could do more harm than good. The following post will share the truth behind some common motorcycle safety myths to help you make your motorcycle rides as fun and positive as they can be.

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Safety Myths Motorcyclists Should Ignore

Leather is Just for Fashion

Motorcycle leather jackets are so popular that they're a closet staple. People wear them when they want to look cool and a bit edgier. Fashionable as they look, they serve a real purpose: they protect you. If you fall from your bike, a leather jacket can prevent bruises and cuts. During the colder days, it will keep you warm and dry. So, no, leather is not just for fashion. You should wear it as you ride if you want to stay safer.

Avoid Full-Face Helmets

As the name states, a full-face helmet covers your head and shields your face. It can be very useful and may make your rides safer because it will keep bugs, debris, wind, and other elements away from your eyes. Still, there's the belief that using one will limit your mobility and visibility. This is far from the truth. The biggest thing to consider is that the helmet should fit comfortably so you can ride.

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Streets Are Better

Highways can seem intimidating for a motorcycle rider. There are a lot of vehicles, and many of them are going at high speeds. For this reason, you may opt for riding on the streets because you think they're safer. This may not be the case. Drivers go slower on the street, but they also pay less attention and are closer together. The wider lanes, the concrete separation, and the level of driver focus on the highway make this the safer choice.

Helmets Are Annoying

If there's one myth you shouldn't believe is that you don't need a helmet to ride. A helmet will be the only thing between your head and a hard place if you fall. They're so important, in fact, that anyone riding on a motorcycle is required to wear a helmet by law. If your helmet is annoying, find one that suits you better. Just be sure the helmet complies with the official requirements to provide the protection you need as you ride.

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Big Bikes Are Beginner-Friendly

Big bikes seem cooler than smaller bikes. They also seem more stable and safer, which is why some riders think they're a good option for beginners. Still, as you can imagine, this isn't the case. Bigger bikes are heavier and harder to handle. You need a certain expertise level to maneuver a big bike. If you're barely starting, opt for one that you can practice on. Once you master it, you can move on to other levels.

You Should Be Loud

Lastly, if you're a motorcycle rider who thinks that being loud is all you need to stay safe, think again. Many motorcycle riders rely on a loud exhaust pipe to get other drivers to notice and be aware of them. If this is your strategy, change it. Drivers could be distracted, talking, listening to music, or have their windows up, and they may not hear you. If you want to be safe, follow your common sense and the official suggestions for riding a motorcycle.

The best way to stay safe is to keep your motorcycle in top shape. Call Les Berkenpas in Byron Center at (616) 723-1835, or visit AMSOIL's online shop to place an order for products that will help you have smoother and safer rides on your motorcycle.