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Driving on icy roads is a serious matter. Prepare for it effectively so you can remain as safe as possible. For a general guide and tips, you should follow, read this post that Les Berkenpas in Byron Center has for you.

Snow is everywhere! Michiganders know that as soon as the fall season hits and the temperature starts to lower, snow is not far away. And since we're now well into winter, it's not uncommon to see the scenery, homes, trees, and roads covered with a white sheet of snow. While this can be a beautiful sight, it comes with its challenges. One of the riskier ones is driving in the snow. The floors are slippery, the days are darker and shorter, vehicles perform differently, and the chances of being in a car wreck increase significantly. For this reason, it's in your best interest to take extra safety measures while the roads are freezing. To help you out in this respect, below you'll find a general safety guide so you can have uneventful rides this winter season.

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How to Drive Safely Through Icy Roads

Drive Slower

When the roads are snowy or icy, they are slippery. The tires don't have a strong enough grip on the ground. This can make steering your car and stopping more challenging. Driving at a slower pace will allow you to have some control over your vehicle. It will also help you notice the road better to avoid potholes or black ice.

Create More Distance

As mentioned, the slippery roads make it much harder for you to slow down or stop once you're going. This means that if the car in front of you stops suddenly, it may take a couple of seconds for your vehicle to stop too. One way to prevent accidents is to create more distance between your vehicle and the cars, people, objects, and everything around it.

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Avoid Hills

When the roads are icy, you have trouble simply taking control of your vehicle when you're on even, flat ground. Now, imagine taking that sticky situation and adding inclination to it. Gravity would play a dirty trick on you and make your vehicle slide forwards or backward. Save yourself the trouble and avoid hills whenever you can.

Maintain Your Vehicle

How can you expect to drive safely on icy roads when the tires are bent out of shape, the brakes are faulty, and the engine is jumpy? Driving is already a risky activity without adding a snowstorm to the mix. Be safe and take your vehicle in for regular inspections this season. A professional will notice and fine-tune issues before they become a real problem.

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Keep the Lights On

For some reason, people think that headlights are only helpful at night when, in fact, you need better visibility no matter the time of day. Since winter days are often shorter and darker and can get rainy or snowy, keeping your lights on at all times is a smart idea. This includes using your blinkers, hazard lights, and high beams when appropriate.

Avoid Distractions

The conditions on the road can change from one second to the next, which is why you should always keep your focus as you drive. However, the reaction times on a snowy day slow down thanks to the slippery roads. This is why avoiding distractions is more crucial than ever before.

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Put Together an Emergency Kit

Car wrecks, injuries, malfunctions, sicknesses, and other unwelcome situations are more common during winter. An emergency kit in your vehicle can help you deal with them a little bit better. Put one together with a first aid kit, toolset, blankets, water, a fire extinguisher, communication devices, etc. Check that the items are in good shape and fully stocked and that you know how to use them.

Don't Do It

You have places to be. However, sometimes the weather won't cooperate and may even put you in peril. For this reason, if you can, avoid driving when the road conditions aren't great. This will help you stay safer and avoid the complications of snowy days.

You can't expect a malfunctioning vehicle to take you safely through icy roads. Call Les Berkenpas in Byron Center at (616) 723-1835, or visit AMSOIL's online shop to provide the care your vehicle requires to take you where you want to go without any issue.