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If you care about your vehicle's condition, be aware of its requirements. To learn more about vehicle maintenance, in this post by Les Berkenpas in Byron Center, you'll read about common car odors and their meaning.  

Senses are the doorway to the world. Through them, we take in stimuli, assimilate information, and draw conclusions about our surroundings. For example, consider our sense of smell. If we smell burnt toast, it may be that our breakfast is overheating. If we smell garbage, it may mean that it's time to take the trash out. However, to make decisions with the information we receive from our senses, we first need to learn what the stimulus means. For instance, your vehicle may emit certain odors, but if we don't know what they mean, we won't be able to take proper care of it. If you'd like to know more about vehicle maintenance and understand what your vehicle's odors may be telling you, continue reading the post below.

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What These Common Car Odors Are Telling You

The Odor of Sulfur/Rotten Eggs

The unmistakable scent of rotten eggs cannot be ignored or even tolerated. If you notice this smell when your vehicle is running (and you haven't left a carton of eggs on the backseat), it could mean that the catalytic converter is failing. It's in charge of controlling your vehicle's emissions. When it doesn't work, sulfur is released into the air, completely trapping you in the stink of rotten eggs. Get the converter fixed so you can breathe freely.

The Odor of Maple Syrup

This next car smell may make you hungry: if you sense that there's maple syrup in the air, and you suddenly crave waffles and bacon when entering your vehicle, you may need to take your car to a mechanic. This sweet scent may be emanating from leaking coolant. Check to notice if there's a bright green liquid under the vehicle or its hood. If there is, get the problem fixed since the cooling system is crucial for your vehicle's proper performance.

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The Odor of Burnt Carpet

The odor of burnt carpet in your vehicle may be related to your brakes. But before you panic, you should know that it may not be that bad. You may have left the hand brake on, or you may be driving down a steep street. The extra effort may be causing the brake pads to burn and give off the burnt carpet smell. If those quick tips didn't make the scent go away, a visit to a mechanic might be warranted.

The Odor of Burnt Oil

On the other hand, if you get the whiff of burnt oil, it may be that your engine is trying to reach out to you. There are many reasons for this scent. It may be that your engine just needs some new oil. It may also be something more pressing and complicated. To get an accurate reading of the engine's condition, promptly take it to a mechanic (especially if there's smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe).

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The Odor of Burnt Rubber

The list of burnt items goes on. In this case, if you smell burnt rubber, it may be that the rubber is burning. To make sure this is the case, pop open the vehicle's hood. There, see if any rubber pieces are next to any metal pieces (for example, a hose on the engine). As the metal heats up, it burns the rubber. You can move the rubber away from metal (once it's cooled down) to get rid of the odor. If the rubber is too damaged, get it replaced.

The Odor of a Gym Bag

The last nasty smell in this list is that of a gym bag. Disgusting as this may be, it could be alerting you of a pretty severe problem in your vehicle: mold in the vents. Aside from the bad smell, it could put your health in danger. To get rid of it for good, you will need to service your vehicle and get the vents deep cleaned to remove all of the mold in them.

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