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Riding your motorcycle during the fall season can be so much fun. However, to remain safe, you should take extra precautions. To learn how to stay safe while riding during fall, read this post by Les Berkenpas in Byron Center.

Everybody loves the fall season: the temperature starts to get a bit crisp again, the light hits a bit different, and the leaves turn some wonderful colors and fall. These conditions can make riding your motorcycle during the fall season all the more thrilling and fun. However, those same conditions can make riding during the fall to be a little bit more dangerous. That's right, the colder temperatures, the darker days, and the falling leaves can create a scenario that's a little bit more challenging to navigate during the fall season. This is why you need to be able to adapt to the changing conditions if you want to have smooth and safe rides during fall. If you aren't sure how to that, don't worry. This post will share tips on how to ride your motorcycle safely even when autumn is here.

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How to Be a Responsible Motorcycle Rider This Fall Season

Check the Tires Regularly

Having working tires in great condition is imperative during this time of year, as the dead leaves and dirt on the ground make it more difficult to ride safely without skidding. For that reason, you should check your tires regularly. If you notice damage or they're deflated, fix the issues or replace them before you keep riding your bike.

Take Care of the Battery

The battery is a very crucial component for your motorcycle's functioning (it powers the headlights, for instance). Unfortunately, the lower temperatures can cause its power to deplete faster. This can be dangerous, as the darker days require functioning headlights. Check the battery every so often to ensure it's still in good shape.

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Keep the Chain Lubricated

Some motorcycles have a chain that helps the rear wheel move and drive you around. Still, for it to do its job properly, it needs to be well lubricated. However, the colder weather can also take a toll at this. For that reason, as the winds start to become chillier, you need to lubricate the chain with more regularity to keep it from breaking down.

Pay the Mechanic a Visit

You should be visiting your mechanic with regularity to guarantee your motorcycle stays in mint shape. However, with the change in the weather and conditions, you should take the motorcycle in for a routine inspection. A professional mechanic will be able to assess it and repair any issues, so you can continue to ride smoothly and safely.  

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Don the Appropriate Attire

What you wear as you ride can affect your safety. Plus, during the colder months, it can also affect how warm and healthy you stay. For that reason, you should wear thicker clothes (aside from your regular protection gear: helmet, gloves, boots, a riding jacket, etc.). If needed, wear a scarf or other accessories to keep yourself warm. Just check that nothing will hinder your riding skills.  

Be on High Alert

You should always be on high alert as you ride your motorcycle. Nonetheless, you should increase your focus during the fall. The dead leaves and dirt on the road can make you lose control of the motorcycle. Plus, as the holidays come closer, you will see an increase in traffic, for which you need to be on high alert, too.

Winterize It

Last but not least, you should start planning the winterization process to store your motorcycle away for the colder months and keep it in top condition for when spring arrives. For example, you will need a thick tarp to cover the motorcycle and keep it protected from dust, bugs, and the elements, so get that now.

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