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The fall months are soon approaching, and it's time to maintain your vehicle to ensure it will resist the conditions of the season. Learn to provide fall maintenance for your vehicle with this post by Les Berkenpas in Byron Center.

You can see the leaves are starting to turn. You can sense the temperatures starting to lower. You can smell the hint of pumpkin spice everything in the air. All of these sensations can mean only one thing: the fall months are soon approaching. This is an exciting time, as fall brings beautiful scenery, cooler weather, and the fall holidays. Still, as you start getting ready for fall (taking out the sweaters from the back of the closet and cleaning the gutters and downspouts in your house), you shouldn't forget to get your vehicle ready for fall, too. The change in season creates the perfect opportunity to take care of your vehicle and guarantee that it will be able to endure the challenges of the new time of the year. If you'd like some assistance to know how to maintain your vehicle this autumn, the post below has some tips you can follow.

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How to Maintain Your Vehicle This Fall

Take Care of the Battery

You probably won't even be able to turn your vehicle on with an unkempt battery, let alone drive on it. Being stranded without power can be dangerous as the colder weather and darker days come closer, so make sure to take care of the battery and bring your jumper cables. If the battery isn't in top shape, fix or replace it.

Check the Tires

With the fallen leaves, stronger winds, and precipitation of the fall months, comes new challenges for your tires. The road can become more slippery because of the dirt, rain, or dirt of the autumnal season. To keep this from becoming an issue, you need to ensure your tires are in good shape if they're deflated or are damaged, repair or replace them before you keep going.

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Verify that the Lights are Working

The fall season means that the days will start to become darker and shorter. For this reason, having functional lights on your vehicle becomes even more important. That's why you have to ensure that the headlights, brake lights, hazards, high beams, blinkers, and other lights you may need in your vehicle are working properly. Being able to see and be seen on the road can save your life.

Replace the Wipers if Needed

The change in the weather means that you will start to see more precipitation during the autumnal months. This can compromise your visibility, so you need wipers in good condition that can clean your windshield effectively and help you see better. Wipers can waste away after some time and use, so check yours and, if needed, replace them.

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Service the AC System Properly

The cooler winds and temperatures of the fall months can be pretty harsh at times. To keep you and your passengers from becoming a popsicle, you should have a functional AC system. It can help you maintain a toasty and warm temperature inside your vehicle, even if the world outside is freezing. Plus, its 'defrost' setting can also be very useful if your windows become cloudy and foggy because of the changing temperatures.

Keep Up With the Fluids' Replacements

Lastly, since you're already taking care of the maintenance of other key components in your vehicle, take some time to look at the fluids that help it run perfectly (like the synthetic motor oil, the coolant, the transmission fluid, the brake fluid, among others). If they aren't in good condition or at the desired levels, replace them so you can keep your vehicle working perfectly even during the harsher fall months.

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