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If you'd like to go ice fishing or simply have a boat ride this winter, you need to take certain precautions. To prepare adequately for your winter boat rides, read this post that Les Berkenpas in Byron Center has prepared for you. 

The winter season comes with uniquely beautiful scenery. However, it also comes with its unique set of challenges that you need to adapt to. If you're a boat owner, one way to adapt would be to avoid using your marine vehicle altogether to avoid the freezing temperatures. But, if you like freezing adventures, ice fishing, or navigating even when it's cold, then there are other things you should do to have a safe and joyful ride. To learn more about the matter, continue reading the post below.

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How to Boat During Winter

Make Safety and Warmth Your Priorities

Above all, you need to make safety and warmth your priorities if you want to have positive experiences. To make that happen, you and your passengers should be wearing thick clothing that can protect you from the elements (including water). Plus, everyone on board should wear a life jacket at all times. Other than that, have an extra change of clothes, towels, and blankets on your marine vehicle.

Keep a Fully Equipped Emergency Kit

It's incredibly important that you have a fully equipped emergency kit in case something happens. Your emergency kit should have a first aid kit with the necessary medicines and medical supplies, non-perishable food, enough water, throw rings, fire extinguishers, communication devices, and flares. Before each outing, make sure that everything is in good shape in case it's needed. Likewise, you should know how to use each item beforehand.

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Check the Weather

Yes, you can bet it will be cold. But even so, checking the weather on the day of your outing is crucial. This is because you need to look out for rain, hail, snow, or another event that could make your ride much riskier. If upon your inspection, you notice that the weather will be less-than-ideal, the best idea would be to reschedule your boating adventure.

Provide the Necessary Maintenance

If you want to ensure a malfunction won't leave you stranded in the middle of the water, you should take your boat to a mechanic who can assess its situation and fix any issues. However, it's also recommended that you do a quick inspection round before each of your outings. This, so you can guarantee that all is working as expected.

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Have a Plan Ready

If you want to be safe, you need to plan for your navigation adventure, since that can help you prepare for what's ahead (especially now that winter has harsher conditions). That's why you should have set spots that you want to visit and a set route that you're going to take. Moreover, it's important that you communicate this plan to friends and family on land.

Do Not Slip

Slipping and falling into the ice-cold water is not a fun way to spend the day (it can even be incredibly dangerous). For that reason, you should make it a point to avoid slipping during your outing. For that reason, you and all of your passengers should be careful as they move around the boat: they should use the railing, walk slowly, and even wear special shoes.

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Always Keep Your Lights On

The winter days are darker and shorter, meaning your visibility will change. To make sure this won't get in the way of a safe boat ride, then you should always keep your lights on. Before your excursion, check that the headlights and battery are working correctly. This way, you'll be able to see and be seen.

Break the Ice Carefully

Last but not least, if you encounter some ice during your ride, you will have to be careful when dealing with it. If you find thin ice, you may be able to just cruise through it. If it's thicker, you may have to use a pole to break it up (very carefully). However, if you see the ice is very thick, you should turn around and head back home.

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